Extruders and coextruders single screw

Single screw extruders
Single screw extruder from Ø 30 mm to Ø 120 mm L/D = 24 – 33, with or without degassing.
Extruder cylinder made in steel UNI41 CAD7 hardened and nitrided or bimetallic.
Extrusion screw nitrided or with hardfacing.
AC motors in a laminated package a constant torque, driven by inverter.
Electric control panel with PLC.

Single screw coextruders
Particularly suitable to meet the different needs of customers in the extrusion of small profiles and especially in coextrusion where are the most frequent problems due to limited space. The column base of a machine is equipped with wheels for mouving and adjustable feet for the support to the floor.
The plastification unit and the electric control panel are mounted on the column at the center of the basement and through worm allows adjustment of the vertical axis of extrusion.
Two handbill put on support in the upper part of the column allow the inclination of the plastificatio unit of +/- 10° from the horizontal axis. The possibility of rotating column of 360° from the basement, and the rotation of the control panel of 270° from its axis, allowing the most appropriate positioning of the extruder and the best use of space.

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